The Democrats have stepped in it. As I predicted months ago, Pelosi would be unable to resist the Progressive Left faction and would have to serve them impeachment on a platter, even if it means the Democrats lose their House majority in 2020 and Trump wins an Electoral College landslide.

Most people don’t get what the Democrats are saying Trump did wrong by asking the Ukrainian President to reopen an investigation into corruption. Amazingly in the call in question, Trump’s suggestion is that the Ukrainians look into Crowdstrike, the firm that did the forensic examination of the DNC server.

Then the Ukrainian President brings up Guliani and only then does Trump bring up Biden. After that the Ukrainian President declares an investigation is needed to “restore honesty”.

Contrary to all the long press reports that Biden and son were cleared, there is no official Ukrainian ruling or official investigation clearing either Biden or even finding them not guilty. Reports by biased reporters exonerating Biden are little more than lies, spin, wishful thinking, and propaganda. These are people deathly afraid of what the Ukrainians will find if they actually investigate.

But don’t take my word for it. Why not join me in calling for a complete investigation of the Biden Ukrainian Corruption scandal by the US Congress or by Special Prosecutor or both. Let’s get Ukrainian officials and Burisma board members to testify under oath why they paid Hunter Biden a few million to be on the board of a Ukrainian natural gas company when the father was in charge of aid to the Ukraine. We also need to know how Biden decided to make a call explicitly threatening an aid cut-off unless the Ukraine fired a Prosecutor who just happened to be investigating his son. Didn’t someone on his staff or in the White House point out he had a blatant conflict of interest and should be the last person making that call.

The only part of this the public gets is that Biden’s son got millions while his father controlled US aid. I haven’t found a single person who defends this arrangement or thinks it’s totally legit. Watch even Elizabeth Warren squirm when asked about the ethics of having family members receive payoffs from foreign companies.

So following the pattern established during the Collusion Conspiracy campaign, the Left Democrats and their Media allies will go wild for a few more days, and issue subpoenas and declare the imminent demise of Trump only to see it all collapse as members return from their vacation to report very few constituents actually want impeachment and even fewer have enough “inside baseball” knowledge to understand why they are upset. Whatever it is, the charges don’t amount to anything illegal or anything approaching high crimes and misdemeanors. That they arose from hearsay doesnt make them any stronger. Thus the Democrat leadership will be stuck with an unpopular, partisan, time-consuming (don’t believe these articles about quickie impeachment — it will drag on) process that goes nowhere except to die in the Senate. Trump will end up with an exonerating victory and a fully committed base. In two months, Nancy will be desperate to find a good reason to put a stop to it, a reason that doesn’t alienate her Left wing too much.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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