The Dems have two big splits on strategy. One is over impeachment. The other is over the divide between the Progressive Left versus the Moderates.

Pursuing Impeachment will relegate much of the campaign to second page, after the commercial break, news. Second tier candidates will have a difficult time gaining name recognition and their views will be boiled down to pro or con impeachment. However the activist base demands the party push impeachment. Can the Party alienate its base by refusing to impeach? How to handle impeachment is a central dilemma.

The other big problem is how to stop the Progressive wing from pulling the party too far Left. Vote your heart for someone who wants to ban hamburgers, pay Reparations, double gas taxes, and mock the American flag, and you’ve got a perfect candidate to repeat the electoral debacle of 1972. Move too far Left and create enough room for a third party and the Dems could end up in 3rd place in a dozen states.

I agree its easy and wrong to obsess about electability. Obama was unelectable till he started winning elections. How should the Dems handle impeachment and their Left wing activists if they want to get their candidate elected in 2020?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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