The idea that the Senate might actually get a majority to vote for removal much less the 2/3 constitutionally required is nothing short of delusional. Republicans may disagree with Trump on specific issues and even take positions of gentle disapproval on his language, but they all know a vote for removal would end their political careers and would be regarded as a supreme act of treachery by the vast majority of Republicans. The partisan way the Democrats have been pursuing impeachment doesn’t leave much opportunity for Republican defections under an umbrella of bipartisanship.

No one really knows what game McConnell is playing. He may start extensive impeachment investigation hearings to get the opportunity for Republican Senators to publicly question Joe and Hunter Biden about corruption, nepotism, and influence peddling. He could have hearings to highlight the unprecedented, undemocratic, and unfair process, and ask the Supreme Court to rule on its legitimacy. He could drag it out till next summer if he wants. At some point, time works strongly against the Democrats. As the clock ticks to Super Tuesday and beyond, every Democrat Presidential candidate will want impeachment to simply go away. But it will only go away when McConnell thinks it’s advantageous for the Republicans to let it go.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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