The Left Wing Conspiracy That Removed Joe Biden From Office

Before the election, the Mainstream Media and Social Media Giants were in an unholy alliance to censor all news about Biden family corruption. They would not investigate any of the allegations. They would not even examine the emails, receipts, corporate document, witness statements, and other tangible evidence. They repressed this story as much as any fascist regime could, at least until the election. They were running out the clock.

But when Biden won, they suddenly found religion. Twitter and Facebook said mea culpa and allowed the NY Post to distribute exposes of Biden corruption. MSNBC and CNN interviewed Tony Bobulinski. The NY Times and Washington Post did scathing in-depth stories. It wasn’t much later than February before Joe resigned for “health reasons” and turned over the Oval Office to Kamala. She pardoned Joe and is considering pardoning Don as well. The Left thus came to power. The Mainstream Media and Social Media Giants gained control. The move to curtail their censorship lost momentum as they offered critics an open lane to rip Biden.

This was a post from the future sent back to me. I had to share it.

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