The Leftists and Anarchists of DSOC, BLM, and Antifa have been pushing an agenda to deligitimize American institutions, sow disunity, foment disorder, and start a civil war. They started waves of arson, rioting, and looting in major cities last Spring. Progressive Democrat leaders of these cities were frozen into inaction and capitulation to mob rule. They agreed to police defunding and other dismantling of law enforcement. Crime rates shot up. The Democrat Party has been infiltrated and infested. Some see the need to put a moderate veneer on the front door. Further, many traditional Democrats of all races and backgrounds want no part of the radical agenda. But they are being duped, led along, or scared into conformity by the repressive groupthink and Cancel Culture. By refusing to accept the election of 2016 and calling themselves the Resistance, the Left Democrats set the country onto a dangerous path in which no side automatically accepts the legitimacy of elections. The Trump team has been unable to produce enough evidence of fraud in court to overturn the count. On the other hand, the electoral process this time was shot through with mechanisms, such as mass mailout of ballots, extended deadlines, and ballot harvesting that invite cheating and don’t leave any traces. The lack of transparency means it is hard to show the election was fair. Don’t blame the other side for fighting back when it was Democrats who threw the first punches. Democrat threats to change the rules of the system only promote greater disunity. The way back to unity is clear: Democrats need to purge their Left Wing Progressives, promote more secure and transparent elections, reverse police defunding, stop riots, dismantle the Divisiveness bureaucracy, cancel the Cancel Culture, rein in the Big Tech Giants, and drop all attempts to change the structures of government for partisan advantage. Will that happen? Not likely. But at least let’s be clear it is the Leftists and Anarchists driving these attempts to divide America.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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