“The Only Possible Way” you say and then you completely miss the key way in which Trump appeals to a broad cross-section of the American people. You frame it as a manifestation of White pride, but that is wrong. You are willfully blind to Trump’s support among Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, and Blacks. You keep saying Trump is a racist as if repeated repetition of that Big Lie would make it true. Most people realize the Mainstream Media traffics in hoaxes and slanders political opponents by calling them racists or sexists. It then ignores or downplays the racist comments and sexual exploitative acts of its own political favorites.

What is Trump’s appeal? It is his emphasis on national unity and respect for people of all races, religions, and ethnic backgrounds. It’s his refusal to be browbeaten or shamed into apologizing or taking a knee for those who hate America as irredeemably evil. It’s in his unwillingness to divide us on the basis of race. It’s in his insistence that America citizenship is sacred and illegal immigration should be stopped. It’s in his populist economic policies and refusal to let American workers be decimated by bad trade deals. It’s in his America First foreign policy, in his pulling the country back from too many deployments and too many endless interventions. It’s in his rebuilding of the American military and in his swift defeat of ISIS and his taking out of American enemies such as Baghdadi and Soleimani while keeping us out of war. It’s in his successful international peacemaking after decades of failure with conventional establishment approaches. Somehow you missed all that and you also missed the rioting, arson, looting, political street fighting, intimidation tactics, and skyrocketing crime in Democrat cities. People of all persuasions see Trump as the leader standing up against the violence and anarchy. Crowds cheered him as his motorcade made its way to Kenosha. Crowds started chanting “we love you” to him in Michigan. Crowds turned out for him in Nevada. This is not about White Pride: it is about pride in being American and seeing how much progress the country has made in living up to its ideals.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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