The only way to reduce fuel consumption is to stop people from using cars so much. This can be done by taxing gasoline. Yet, as we see in France where this was tried, most working class and middle class people are outraged at having to pay exorbitant gas taxes. The populist discontent sparked by climate change taxes led to the Yellow Vest Movement which rioted long enough to get the gas taxes repealed. This unmasked the Climate Change Panic movement. It is full of good intentions but in too many ways it translates into measures that are an attack on the living standards of the working class and middle class in America and other Western countries.

I’m glad you have solar panels. It certainly helps reduce CO2 emissions a bit. Are you able to use them at night? Oh you have batteries. No. Then are you connected to the grid? Or are you asking us to give up light bulbs and sit at home in the dark every night?

The problem is that there is currently no way solar and wind can meet all current demands for electric power every hour of the day and every day of the year. The fact is we will need to turn vast acreage into fields of solar panels and wind farms of spinning turbines to meet current peak demand. If we still want power on cloudy days and windless nights, we will need to build huge dams on artificial new bodies of water or find other ways to store power. The combined cost of all this infrastructure will at least double the price of electricity. It will also wreak environmental havoc. Spinning blades are already taking a toll on migratory bird, bat, and butterfly species.

There may be solutions to many of these problems. But it is foolish to act in a panic. Before we spend vast sums, impose taxes and restrictions that hurt the middle class, and build new structures that destroy the environment, we should really really make sure we is being proposed is cost effective and practical.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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