The Palestinian issue is complicated, not the least because the Palestinian nationality was invented 50 years ago in some large part to change the framing of the issue to reverse the powerful versus weak sides. In the early 60s before the PLO was formed, when the Arab residents of the former British Mandate of Palestine would have called themselves not Palestinians, but Arabs, you would see Israel as a single small Jewish state in the ancestral homeland of the Jews surrounded by over 20 Arab nations with 100 times the population. You would also be aware that the Arab nations had rejected a UN General Assembly partition that would have given them a lions share of land designated by the League of Nations to be a national homeland for the Jewish people. You would know the Arab nations were the aggressors and that they had started wars to destroy Israel.

The Jews have been the powerless for two thousand years. Since the Romans destroyed the Jewish kingdom and exiled many Jews, they have been without a country and been subject to discrimination many times in many places. You are upset they have their homeland back, a small speck of land, the size of New Jersey. The Arabs are a mighty people with a large population in control of many nations. Some are starting to see Israel as a good neighbor to have- one that will help in resisting ISIS fundamentalists and the expansionist agenda of Iranian Shia mullahs. The facade of powerless Palestinians may have outlived its usefulness. It may be time for them to shed the mask and become part of the Arab nations who have always been their true compatriots.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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