The polls were horribly wrong in 2016. They had Hillary up by 7 points in Wisconsin, with a 3 point margin of error. That was enough to convince her she did not need to campaign in Wisconsin. The polls now are likely to be even more inaccurate. Even fewer people have landlines. Even fewer answer their phones. Turnout is a big wildcard. I have yet to meet anyone under 30 who has any enthusiasm for Biden ( and very few over 30 for that matter). A lot of them won't make it to the polls. The people voting by mail for the first time are not new voters and they are not undecideds. Turnout overall will be low despite predictions of a record. There will be lots of fraud, tossed-out ballots, and litigation. Counting may be halted in several states. You may have a working crystal ball. I emphasize how uncertain the result is given all these known unknowns that can influence the result.

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