The real problem was that, before the election, all key Democrats and mainstream media outlets insisted everyone must accept the results, only to reject those results days later when the election did not go their way. Suddenly, it was needless recounts, the Resistance, Faithless Electors, “Not My President”, and partisan use of the 25th Amendment. The hypocrisy of it all, the speed with which supposedly authoritative, civic-minded leaders ignored their own admonitions and latched onto illegitimate schemes was amazing. It was a revelation and clear demonstration: they have no principles.

Soon after the election came a bizarre conspiracy theory: Hillary didn’t lose because she was a terrible candidate who ran an awful campaign. No she lost because of Russian collusion with Trump. This was more than Russian meddling, meddling that did not stuff any ballot box or miscount a single vote, interference so pernicious even her vaunted polling organization did not pick it up, meddling so subtle President Obama decided to take no action to stop it before the election. This was collusion, that involved some nefarious behavior that changed the election, possibly a meeting in Trump Tower with Don Jr., or seeing the Russian ambassador at a reception, or a few hundred thousand dollars in FB ads.

Two years later, not a shred of evidence has been found. Despite indictments and pleas for process crimes and unrelated financial misdemeanors from a decade ago, no one has yet explained just what the collusion consisted of and what crimes were committed. What has been uncovered is quite the reverse: an actual conspiracy by officials in US intelligence agencies to shield their own candidate from indictment, to spy on the opposition, to deceive a FISA Court, and to use material that did come from the Russians. The media role in pushing the Russia- Trump conspiracy theory has done a lot to undermine their residual credibility. Every few weeks there is a new bombshell: this will be the one thing that proves Trump is guilty they scream. A week later the propaganda balloon deflates. The story is retracted, key details are reversed, the date on the email was the 14th not the 4th, and the cycle begins again. The Mueller probe is not a legitimate investigation: it is a part of the post-election campaign to undermine the results of the 2016 election.

The whole problem of legitimacy fundamentally stems from the refusal of the Left, the MSM, and Establishment politicians of both parties to accept the results of the election. Their denial of reality, their refusal to accept the result and insistence on relitigating it is the prime threat to Constitutional order.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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