The Resistance Democrats and their Left Liberal Media allies have been peddling a conspiracy theory about Trump-Russia collusion. They desperately want this to be true because it would delegitimize Trump’s election. It long ago became clear they don’t care what the facts are and are quite willing to invent and inflate facts in order to advance their partisan political goals. You seem to have avoided discussion of the long litany of lies and propaganda coming from these “gold standards” of journalism.

  1. No Smollet was not attacked by MAGA cap wearing white bigots who hung a few noose on his neck. Smollett paid Nigerian American brothers to help stage the event so he could claim victimhood and get a raise.
  2. No the Tribal elder Vietnem Veteran was not surrounded with high school students. He is a political activist and he approached them.
  3. No Cohen did not go to Prague to collude with Russians or testify Trump explicitly told him to lie. He actually testified he’s never been in Prague, has no evidence of collusion, and that Trump did not tell him to lie.
  4. No Donald Trump Jr did not receive as email from Wikileaks on the 4th, but on the 14th when everyone else did too.

I could go on — there are over 35 specific cases in which the Mainstream media got caught in no-doubt-about-it, materially incorrect assertions. If we go back to the Saddam WMD stories in the NYT, we can add still more.

Why do you accept being lied to and being fed a bogus conspiracy theory? I submit you are still in a state of denial about the 2016 election. These unsupported conspiracies about collusion and meddling help you cope with a reality you still cannot face. It may be difficult, but for your mental health over the long run, please wake up and face the facts.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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