The social distancing measures decreed by the governors in some American states are extreme, arbitrary, and lack scientific basis. Where is the research showing that preventing people from swimming in the ocean or hiking in the woods will stop the disease from spreading? Most of the cases are in dense urban areas. What good is served by stopping people from buying seeds to plant gardens? Do we really save lives by postponing millions of “elective" surgeries and shutting down doctors offices? All the measures ordered by the governors should have been debated by state legislatures. Those with broad support would have been enacted into law. Those passing Constitutional muster would have survived emergency court challenges. I’m afraid what Umair likes about all these orders is that they are demonstrations of totalitarian rule. It upsets him when free people do not accept such impositions of tyranny. He wants them to be sheep, dutifully following orders.

The truth is we do not know enough about the virus. The experts and the models have been repeatedly wrong. What is known is that clumbsy lockdowns have subjected millions to hardship. People have lost their jobs and their businesses. They are running through their savings. Those are tangible real losses. A little common sense and cost-benefit perspective is needed to balance all this out.

Umair has no corner on the truth. He should realize Americans have every right to assemble and petition for an end to unconstitutional lockdowns. It might even be healthy to get out in the air, voluntarily wearing masks and voluntarily keeping six feet apart. And the virus won’t become any more lethal if you are carrying a semi-automatic rifle or 9mm handgun along with a sign.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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