The truth is that many white and black women, though repulsed by Trump, are even more disgusted by the divisive race-baiting, hypocritical combative sexism, and condescending oppression of the Resistance Left that has captured the Democratic Party. It’s a party that for two years had Russian collusion conspiracy theories and impeachment for anything that might stick as the top items on its agenda. It’s a party that looks down on working class people and lectures them on political correctness. It’s a party that demands all women must be believed (who cares about evidence and due process?), until a woman accuses a Democratic politician, in which case all the evidence in the world doesn’t count: don’t believe her. It’s a party that viciously attacks all Black Americans who reject the condescending racial quotas and tribalism it offers them.

Trump, whatever his flaws, is actively engaged in trying to help Americans first and foremost, and is not trying to cater to the globalist elites whose economic policies and trade deals have undermined the standard of living in too many parts of the country. Trump also stands against the interventionist agendas and open borders policies pursued by the Bush and Obama administrations.

The people who twice voted for Obama are tired of being called racists. They aren’t. Meanwhile the Democrats are split between old line party faithful including the working class people from the Heartland who are amenable to working with Trump on an economic agenda and the Progressive Resistance faction who are pushing mob intimidation and street fighting and who view centrist Democrats as a popular front they can manipulate.

If you could pair Trump’s populist agenda with a more pleasing persona, it might be possible to flip large numbers of women away from the Democrats.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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