I can’t believe you watched the same impeachment trial I did…But before we even get to that, I won’t let it slide by that it was a blatantly unconstitutional trial for an Impeachment that was rushed through with no due process. As for the trial in the Senate, there is nothing in the Constitution about an impeachment trial for an official no longer in office. The Chief Justice clearly felt the same way and refused to preside. Those who pushed the trial for Trump never could explain why the Nixon precedent did not apply. Instead, they pulled out the shameful 1876 Belknap precedent, in which racist KKK supporting Democrats Senators from Southern and Border States supplied the key votes to hold the trial. They were not entirely motivated by dispassionate consideration of the US Constitution. It’s still amazing that today’s Democrats can look past the literally racist and KKK origins of their favorite historic precdent. By the time of Nixon, everyone regarded Belknap as a rejected precedent

As for the merits of the case, the House Managers got thorough trounced by the Trump Defense lawyers. The Democrats tried to invent their own law on incitement, and came up with doctrine that would make half the Democratic Party politicians guilty, by their own “fighting" words. The House Managers seem not to been in law class when the critical Brandenburg vs Ohio case was discussed. Speech by an official criticizing an election is explicitly protected, in fact afforded the highest protection according to the Supreme Court. No, bizarre “Fire Chief fanning the flames” analogies don’t hold a candle to the actual law. The House Managers got badly schooled. They had artfully edited videos but had introduced no formal evidence and no witness testimony . Trump had called for the crowd to march “ peacefully and patriotically to make your voices heard". The Democrat Managers never addressed that Trump quote. Case closed. He had no direct communication with those who had attacked the Capitol. They had pre-planned their attack, and many had not even heard the last half of the speech he gave that supposedly incited them. The House Managers tried alternate conflicting theories of what had happened. The only three things that were clear were i) they really hate Trump and anything he ever said was proof of his nefarious guilt ii) they had lots of slickly- edited, shocking videos of violence at the Capitol, and iii) Trump had, in point of fact, not called for insurrection, not incited the crowd to violence, and he was unequivocally not guilty.

Then the morning of the vote, the Democrats treated us to more hilarious ineptitude. Their House Managers surprised their Senators by asking them to vote to call witnesses, something the Senators really did not want to do. It took three hours of parliamentary side deals to get the process moving again.

You never did explain why this trial made any sense for them politcally. Why did they gave Trump a platform with which to exonerate himself, and he did. They came off as tricky, boring, manipulative, melodramatic, ignorant, vindictive, and still losers. The impeachment trial they insisted on had eclipsed stories about the new Biden Administration. They had let Donald Trump emerge as a martyr and victorius. They revealed themselves to be tendentious hypocrites who had tried to trample the Constitution. The only Neo-Fascidts up there were those who had used Nazi-style show trials as a model for the Impeachment and Trial they just put us through.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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