There are about a dozen missing or flawed links in your argument. Perhaps most glaring is the attempt to link:

  • Energy use in the USA today
  • Tremendous costs of Climate Change somewhere in the future
  • Collapse right now.

One problem with the argument is that China is already emitting more than the US and with India and China both slated to increase annual CO2 emissions by more than the current annual US total. Maybe the essay should be about the collapse of China from some energy disaster. You also didn’t explain why Climate Change will lead to unbearable costs. We are going to be changing many of our buildings and technologies over the course of the next century anyway. If the country pursues a policy of minimally disruptive adaptation to Climate Change, there is no reason there should be extra costs so substantial they cause a collapse.

Your view of Climate Change as a “brick wall” is quite overdramatic, and, in any event, whether a brick wall is encountered in the future or not, it will not cause collapse now.

You are very wrong about collapse being triggered any time soon by high prices at the pump. Have you gone to a gas station lately? Energy in America right now is the cheapest it’s been in decades. The world has an oil glut. With the shift of supply to natural gas, the use of fracking, and the increase in solar and wind power, America is producing more power while emitting less CO2 than ever before. America is less dependent on foreign sources and is now a net energy exporter. It’s like somebody walked in with a hundred extra kegs, a few dozen cases of wine, and a barrel of whiskey. Laissez les bons temps roulez.

Collapse could arise from weak political leaders letting Leftist and Anarchist mobs burn down the cities, or from havoc in the supply chain wrought by excessive lockdowns, or a new pandemic, or a lot of other things. But a “collapse” from an energy shortage or from climate change is not around the corner.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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