There is nothing inherently racist in wanting immigration laws enforced, in wanting violent criminals incarcerated, in wanting streets kept clean, and in wanting fair trade deals. But the Progressive Left and Mainstream Media started shouting “racist” at everyone who didn’t agree with them. They stopped trying to win by logic and persuasion, and instead pushed for repressive political correctness based on intersectionalist identity. Many lifelong Democrats, people who voted twice for Obama and who didn’t like Trump, decided the Progressive Left had ruined their party and thus ended up staying at home or pulling the lever for a Republican or third party in 2016. So did large percentages of Americans of Latino and Asian descent. More Black Americans went for Trump than for Romney. Meanwhile Trump has stressed that his trade deals and immigration policies are designed to improve the standard of living for all Americans in general and Black Americans in particular. His success in getting Black unemployment down to the lowest level ever might get him even more of the Black vote in 2020. A small percentage, maybe 10%.

There are actual KKK racists who have flocked to his side but the vast majority of Trump supporters are not racist at all. But that doesn’t matter to professional race-baiters. Neither does the truth of any allegation. What is clear is that certain partisan political factions and media propagandists have decided to throw charges of racism and spread false accusations of racism in campaigns that are ultimately hypocritical. When a Democratic governor is caught in blackface palling around with a friend in fun Klan robes, they issue a few tepid remarks and try to kill the story. He is still serving — a living testimony to the fact they couldn’t care less about whether a politician was an absolute racist or did something racist long ago as long as he’s in their party now. They are full of faux outrage however if they can find anything on a political foe that can be twisted to their benefit. They may have gone too far. When Nancy Pelosi and Kanye West are racists, who isn’t? Aside from the few real KKK types, the only real racists are the Left Progressives who judge people not as individuals but as caricatures and stereotypes of intersectional victimology. Why has the story of Republican Senators siding with Democratic Liberals (in the classic sense of the term)against the Southern Democrats to break the filibuster and pass the Civil Rights Act been forgotten? Why is MLKs vision of people judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character not mentioned? Because the Progressive Left of today is deeply antithetical to the Civil Rights movement.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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