There is rising potential for an accidental or not really intended onset of World War III, not terribly dissimilar to how WWI got started. I don’t think many of the people in the US screaming about Russia have thought through what happens if tensions rise too far and a spark ignites say in Syria. They really just wanted a scapegoat they could use to score points against Trump, not a real enemy to fight in an ultimate death match.

Your article though is about the rise of irreconcilable points of view leading to the unavoidable war. You’ve highlighted key divisions, but are less persuasive explaining how they lead to a war.


I see many of the same divisions: the role of nation-states versus international institutions, the clash of cultures posed by large numbers of immigrants, the economic fight between working class, farmers, middle class trades people, and entrepreneurs versus the corporate and multinational bureaucracies, and populism against globalism, to name a few.

The multinationalists took control in the 1990s. They pushed through liberalized trade agreements, launched plans for the Euro, boosted immigration dramatically, and promulgated huge growth in the power and bureaucracies of international institutions. This all came to a crashing halt for three reasons.

First the continued inherent ineffective interventionist tendencies of US globalist leaders had set off too many fires (of which Syria, Yemen, and Libya are some examples) that were burning without resolution leading to a state of semi-permanent war that has no real public support.

Second, the globalist leadership has never figured out how to respond to and defeat radical Islamist extremism and how to combat terrorism. The steady stream of terror attacks has led to a loss of confidence and each pronouncement that “there’s nothing to worry about — the statistics show you’re safe” does nothing so much as to convince people the leadership is out-of-touch and their statistics are false propaganda. It is in this context that alt-right news and other sources gain credence and the MSM loses credibility.

Third the globalists took a big hit from the 2007 financial collapse and never recovered. They seem clueless and distant, they blame the unemployed, they disdain the workers thrown out of work unable to find good jobs.

What I don’t see is how any of that leads to WWIII. Instead I think it leads to civil strife. Strongmen/women are dominating countries and repressing dissidents. Protestors are growing violent and the public is demanding order. That is what we are seeing now- not the run-up to a deliberate WWIII. At least not yet.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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