This article is full of fear-mongering, but short on fact. More precisely, it cherry-picks facts and selectively picks forecasts to paint the most ominous picture possible. It ignores contrary facts and projections. One glaring example is the omission of the fact that less than 100 children in the US age 14 and under have died of Covid-related causes. That’s right. According to the CDC stats, it is less than 100 out of over 210,000 who have died of Covid-related causes in the US. More children die of poisoning, drowning, and falls. More die of cancers, kidney disease, and heart disease. More die from car accidents, stabbings, and shootings. More die in fires. Covid-related lockdowns have resulted in delays of childhood immunizations and cancellation of health screening exams. Are more children dying of Covid-related lockdowns than from Covid is the question that needs to be studied. How many more are suffering malnutrition from the economic impact of shutdowns?

In the US, Covid deaths have declined since early August while the number of new cases has risen. The article makes no attempt to explain these facts. Theraputics have improved dramatically and new and better treatments are being developed and tested. Vaccines are in Phase 3 testing and some will be ready for distribution in a few months. Vaccination of vulnerable populations promises to reduce Covid mortality over the next six months. There may be other blips as more people in Northern countries move indoors with winter. But the overall tone of panic and singular focus on Covid as opposed to overall health and mortality is unwise and unwarranted.

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