This incorrectly continues to frame the debate as one of backward rural rubes favoring limited government versus enlightened urbanites favoring more government. The problem from a populist perspective is that the government has been captured by Progressive Left elites who are hostile to working class people, urban and rural. This Progressive worldview has a broad animus against American interests and values. The unholy alliance of corporate financial and media lords in league with neo-communist radicals want a repressive government to clamp down on political opposition and a permissive government to allow them free rein. It negotiates unfavorable trade deals, signs on to economically suicidal climate change agreements, and opens the border to illegal immigration. It promotes police defunding and the dismantling of law enforcement. It does not mobilize the government to stem the threat of violent crime, gang warfare, and homelessness, all of which are rising most rapidly in urban areas. The Progressive Left cheers billionaire communication and social media giants as they impose censorship. In opposition to them, the Populists want more government action. They are Republicans in the Teddy Roosevelt school of politics in wanting government to act to fulfill its legitimate responsibilities. They want police around to keep streets safe. They want national borders enforced. They want the government to Bust the Trusts of today. That means stoppings Tech Giants and Billionaire Colluders from imposing censorship and cancel culture. They want a government that acts more forcefully to protect their interests and their values, and to preserve their safety, freedom, and prosperity.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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