This is not accurate. Instead it’s an example of the poor journalism it is attempting to criticize. Fox News retracted its reporting of the Seth Rich story saying it did not meet the journalistic standards of the network. It did not say the story was false.

The murder of Seth Rich is still unsolved. Until it is, there is no way to say his murder was entirely unrelated to his IT work with the DNC. A thorough investigation is called for into whether he leaked the DNC emails to Wikileaks. There seems to be more evidence of his connections to Wikileaks than there is of Trump’s collusion with Russia.

Fox News is not to be blamed for the loss of credibility of the mainstream media. The mainstream networks and print media have been caught in a series of whoppers of their own making. Where were Saddam’s WMD? How can you put Clapper on when he lied in sworn public testimony to Congress? The media never tired of bragging about polls that showed Trump would lose big. Wrong. Where are the journalistic standards when weekly bombshells are released announcing the end of Trump only these bombshells get quickly debunked as fake new? The date of the email to Trump Jr. was the 14th, not the 4th. No, Cohen did not testify Trump told him to lie to Congress. No 17 agencies did not say the came independently to the conclusion Russia stole the DNC emails- it was 3. The supposed native American elder and Vietnam veteran surrounded by threatening high school kids turns out to be the one who approached them. We all know every story on the mainstream media was chosen, edited, slanted, or tweaked for political purposes. Fox news shows, as opposed to opinion shows, are not any more biased than most mainstream media news shows. Fox also has a wider range of guests on its opinion shows. No one is pure these days, and Fox is not uniquely evil.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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