This is quite a contortion of the actual history. You cannot understand US support for the Syrian rebels and its demand for the ouster of Assad without seeing it as an application of the US policy under Obama of embracing the Arab Spring. Critical to this policy was to position the US as an ally of the people in overthrowing strongman regimes. After toppling Khaddafi and Mubarak, the next target was Assad. To write a whole article on the start of the Syrian war and fail to bring up the Arab Spring is willful blindness that ignores the critical context in which the war began. To set the record straight, Israeli officials publicly and privately disagreed with Washington about the Arab Spring. Netanyahu warned it was naive to think the Arab Spring would lead to peaceful democratic governments, but stressed it would more likely lead to rising unrest and rising Islamist extremism that would be detrimental to the West and to Israel. Israel did not support demands for Mubarak to step down, nor did it lobby for Washington to call for Assad to resign. Israel was concerned that the civil war in Syria would allow Iran to extend its influence in Syria and pave the way for movement of Iranian military forces closer to Israel. The fact is the US under Hillary and Obama destabilized the Middle East against Israeli advice and took other measures against stated Israeli interests in order to “establish daylight” between the US and Israel.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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