This piece typifies the delusion of some Progressives that they are something more than a fringe group, that they have a majority of the country with them. Truth is they may have 10% on a good day, though 50% may voice support for distorted sanitized depictions of Progressive views. The inner cadres know this, but they consider themselves to be the vanguard. They see themselves as using Popular Front tactics to leverage their influence. However, there are many on the Left, of whom Ms. Valenti may be an example, who are not in on the game. They actually believe the propaganda of the Popular Front and the inflated claims of support for Progressive views.

This is a good election to unmask the delusion once again. It is 1972 all over. Go ahead and drive the Moderates away. The only reason the Democrats took back the House in 2018 is that they won 40 seats in swing districts by nominating Moderate candidates, but ignore that. Claim it was an election of Progressive triumph. Keep purging those Moderates and hope the House will not revert back to Republican control. Run on Open borders, Race Based Reparations, Free Healthcare for Illegals, Impeachment, and the Green New Deal. Go all in and make the Democrat Party the party of lawlessness, homelessness, crime, dirt, meatless Mondays, political correctness and disrespect for the flag. It might work, except it won’t. Oh, and by the way, Establishment Republicans and Populists are hoping that’s just what the Democrats will do. Will the Democrats actually be so foolish as to expel their own Blue Moderates and thereby hand Trump a second term? Yes they are.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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