This premise is false. I left the Democrat Party because it had careened sharply to a Diversity agenda of political correctness. The classic debate about the economy and the role of government is not what animates the split. It is the Populist, pro-American Trump agenda against the Progressive Left internationalist worldview. It is open borders, sanctuary cities, letting non-citizens vote, and free medical care for illegal aliens versus clamping down on illegal immigration. It is letting incarcerated felons vote, cashless bail, and gun control versus law and order. It is political correctness, race based reparations, intersectionality, personal pronouns, overblown hoaxes, and endless politically motivated charges of racism and sexism versus free speech and the truth. The Democrats are not an opposition party. They are a Resistance. They hate regular Americans, those people who live in flyover country, those deplorables. They detest Black and Latino Americans who don’t buy their patronizing views. Somewhere in the middle of all that Trump makes a key point that the US should get better trade deals. The Progressive Democrats and Establishment leaders of both parties disagree with Trump on that. Yes there is still the classic debate on the deficit. But it is subsumed in a new nexus of disagreement.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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