This “systematic effort to interfere” included what?? Two or three specifics would help. You concede the interference did not involve voter fraud or tampering with voting machines or vote totals and that no voter was prevented from voting. So what is this interference you speak of?

Could it have been systematic interference that compelled Hillary to destroy all those emails and to accept six figure speaking fees from Wall Street firms? Was it possibly systematic interference that caused her to pass out at the 911 commemoration while her staff insisted she was ok? Do we see systematic interference at work forcing Bill to meet with Loretta on the tarmac, and ensuring Hillary stayed away from Wisconsin? Or is it the systematic problem that a poor candidate with tons of baggage and a lousy platform ran a train wreck of a campaign and lost to an Orange Bozo?

You also need to be clear why nebulous charges of interference were only raised after the election was lost. Before the election Hillary and her crowd insisted that everyone must accept the election result. If this interference was happening, Hillary and friends should have raised loud objections about it beforehand. They didn’t.

Remember it was known before the election that Russia had supposedly hacked the DNC emails and given them to Wikileaks for public release. Trump had even publicly asked the Russians to hack Hillary’s server and find and release her missing emails. People knew all that and still voted against Hillary.

In fact you can’t find one voter who was lost to Hillary due to “systematic interference”.

So stop blaming Bernie and stop blaming Putin and Comey and everyone else. She lost because she could not get enough people in the right places to vote for her, because she was so bad she blew a can’t-lose election.

I know that is hard to admit, but trust me things will get better once you get past the denial stage.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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