This whole anti-Western diatribe is pretty much backwards.

Women were and are treated very poorly in many cultures outside the West. Western concepts of equal rights for women are in conflict with many non-Western cultural practices and beliefs. It is a fact that feminism originated in Western societies. A major rallying cry against Western influence is that it gives women rights they never had before and thereby upsets the culture.

In many Islamic cultures, women are subject to genital mutilation as young girls, married against their will at an early age, raped at the pleasure of their husbands, regularly beaten, not allowed outside unless covered head to toe and accompanied by a male chaperone, and murdered by relatives to save family honor.

The machista culture of Latin America allows murder of women over jealousy.

In several native African countries rape is a rite of passage for a man

No doubt Western armies committed numerous rapes, but so did all the non-Western ones. Western colonial regimes exploited those they conquered, but so did the non-western ones. The record is mixed. Several Non-Western cultures practiced human sacrifice, cannibalism, and castration that had long since been rejected by the West. The West promoted the use of slaves during the period of colonialism but most African and American native societies already had slaves and participated in the slave trade, a trade that existed before Western colonial forces arrived. The movement to abolish slavery originated in Western society.

Most recently ISIS established a brisk trade in sexual slaves brutalizing Yazidi and other captured women.

None of this excuses current sexual exploitation of women in the West or elsewhere. But the idea that Western society is uniquely responsible for sexual abuse of women is absolutely contrary to the facts.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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