This whole piece reeks of the condescension that got so many people to walk away from the Democrats in 2016. It is an exercise in which you get to flaunt a mantle of supposed moral superiority by calling anyone who disagrees with you a racist. What’s amazing is that you are totally unaware and unconscious of how much it all comes off as preening narcissism: “ Yes I am really woke and totally above it all -ugh — my neighbor he’s a racist rube”. Do you think it possible people who disagree with you could have a legitimate point ? That’s a question you never consider. If Americans want their immigration laws enforced, you want to call them racists. If they voted for Barak Obama, but don’t think felons in jail should vote, of course, you declare that’s white privilege. If they don’t believe all the bogus accusations against Kavanaugh, you insist they are sexists. People who don’t like losing their jobs due to bad trade deals, you insist they are just stupid tribal deplorables. Your deficiency: You don’t want to acknowledge there are people who disagree with you politically and who think you are not standing on any moral high ground.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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