• This would be so much more effective and accurate if you didn’t take such an over-the-top tone. Citing words from Chomsky as proof that Obama was a terrorist doesn’t say much as all he says basically comes down to is that everything anyone in US ever did was terrorism, while any true terrorist attacks designed to kill civilians and journalists freedom from 9–11 to Charlie Hebdo is all excusable as an expression of the “people” in their struggle against imperialism. He’s pronounced economic collapse for 60 years and his one achievement, the theory that grammar is innate, has come in for some nasty shots of late.

I agree with your main point. Democrats have to realize Obama did not spread peace love and understanding. He either misunderstood, to be charitable, or deliberately pursued flawed policies of intervention and stalemate that left a string of failed states and intractable conflicts across Africa and the Middle East. From Libya to Syria to Iran to Yemen to the Ukraine to Korea all you can see is a world made much worse by his actions and policies. The minions of conventional thought all applauded this and were aghast when Trump threatened to use diplomacy and cut a deal with Russia to fight ISIS and to stop our meddling in Syria. The anti- Russian hysteria is phony and hypocritical, but it serves as a foundation for continuing and expanding the Obama policy of poorly thought through intervention.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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