Trump does want to restore order. He wants to put an end to the violent revolutionary protests, the arson, the looting, and the rampaging mobs. Democrats welcome the urban unrest or are afraid of it. Democrats have defunded the police, abolished cash bail, and crime has skyrocketed in their cities. Trump wants to help cities stem the crime wave started by Democrat depolicing policies.

Many people are buying guns and many are moving out of Democrat-run cities to escape. But the whole country will fall prey to the Democrat violence unless Trump is reelected. You can be eating in a diner and a BLM mob will bust in and threaten you. Democrats will cheer. Trump will get local governments to protect their own people.

Trump has ordered governments to stop using our tax dollars to fund Diversity Dogma programs that spawn racism and divisive hostility between people. We never voted for our Representatives to authorize funds for anti-American, racist, indoctrination.

People of every race have had it. People in Black American neighborhoods don’t like the gang wars and shootings and they don’t like to have their communities torched and looted. Trump has delivered: enterprise zones, aid to Historically Black Colleges, criminal justice reform, an Executive Order banning evictions. Don’t be surprised if his vote as among Black Americans goes up by 5 points or more.

I wish Trump would show more of his cards. The people of this country are sick of the Democrat violence, crime, and race-baiting. If we give Trump a landslide, the rioters will riot, but Trump will have the mandate to put an end to their violence and intimidation.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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