Trump has gained support in Minnesota and Wisconsin. A lot of people there did not like the riots. He has gained support among members of the law enforcement community. He has the endorsement of nearly all police unions and benevolent associations. Don’t be so sure about those polls. A lot of young people supposedly pro-Biden have very little enthusiasm for their candidate. Many might not show up to vote. Some students have absentee ballots now sitting underneath a pile of books. Suburban women are put off by both candidates as they both come off as sleazy at times. But they are growing increasingly concerned about violence, crime, schools, taxes, and getting their and nails done, and going to the gym. Even many Blacks are put off by Biden’s history and comments. Will more turn out for him than for Hillary is an open question. Latinos are not trending pro-Biden. Neither are Asian citizens, afraid of how they will fare under an Administration with great affinity for BlackLivesMatter and Diversity quotas. There are also Jews looking at Trump for his Mideast peace deals and his order protecting Jewish college students. The overall point is that many supposed Biden voter groups have very little enthusiasm for him and some have been wooed over by Trump. Bottom line: Biden has a ten point lead, but it’s a phantom lead. Trump voters are highly enthusiastic and will turn out in droves.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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