Trump is no racist and no fascist. Aside from that key point, the problem with all the name-calling is that the overuse of these terms for political advantage has deprived them of the power to shock or anger us. It was only two weeks ago that the Squad called Nancy Pelosi a racist and Trump was defending her. Wanting borders secure and immigration laws enforced doesn’t make one a racist. Neither does opposing disrespect for the American flag make one a fascist.

Trump pushes Make America Great Again, not Make White America Great Again. He talks of being a Nationalist, not a White Nationalist. He emphasizes his support for all Americans of whatever racial or ethnic background. From the start he has underscored his belief in unity of the nation under one flag.

In contrast, the Progressive Left is animsted by a philosophy of identity politics that enshrines racism. Representatives Pressley declared there was no need for blacks “who don’t want to be a black voice”.

Trump clearly was confused and made mistakes in handling the crowd in North Carolina. He realized belatedly he had moved the crowd to chanting words that could indeed be misinterpreted as racist, though many in the crowd meant those words more in the sense of “love it or leave it" than out of any racial animus.

Trump is guilty of and should be called out for a series of back and forth lies about the incident. But being a liar doesn’t make him a racist or a fascist. Being a liar is not uncommon in politics.

Trump is reaching out to Black Americans. His economic and trade policies have helped Black and Hispanic Americans. He has supported justice system reforms that are helping minority people. His plans to tighten immigration enforcement will help improve wages for low-wage workers. He wants to pass an infrastructure bill. Would it surprise anyone if Trump got a larger share of the Black American vote this time around?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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