Trump is one of the best Presidents in recent memory. He made policy changes and implemented them. He got the US out of a half dozen foolish deals. The TPP and NAFTA are gone. The USMCA deal is better. His tariffs and trade deal with China are the first effective attempts to stand up for American interests against China, our most serious long-term potential adversary. We are out of the worthless, costly, and ineffective Paris Climate treaty and our CO2 emissions are down. Turns out we don’t need to give hundreds of millions to foreign diplomats to reduce our CO2 emissions. We are out of the Iran Deal, a really stupid deal where sent billions to an active enemy and gave them the go-ahead to develop WMD. Now Trump has them groaning under new sanctions and half their military buildings are blowing up.

Trump kicked the crap out of ISIS. Their caliphate is gone. Their leader, Baghdadi, was hunted down and terminated. Trump also took out Soleimani. Iran’s scary terrorist leader was blown to smithereens and the Iranian mullahs reacted in angry incompetence and took down a Ukrainian airliner. Trump has made significant progress negotiating with the Taliban over Afghanistan and with the North Koreans over nuclear arms and missile testing. Trump just brokered the UAE-Israel deal, an epic achievement.

Before Covid hit, his populist economic policies had brought the poverty and unemployment rates to their lowest numbers ever for Blacks and Latinos. Real wages were finally rising. The US was a net energy exporter. His opportunity zones, criminal justice reforms, and support of HBCU have done more to tangibly help Black Americans than the last two administrations. He is no racist and no anti-Semite. He gets along famously well with people of all races and with all kinds of world leaders. No, Mexico did not pay for the wall, but Mexican troops are keeping immigrants from illegally crossing and the wall is being built. It’s an incredible record and I left a lot out to keep from getting way too long.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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