Trump represents the populist opposition to the aggressive radical Left — Corporatist- Deep State coalition that has been taking control of America. They are pushing for an America where free speech is censored, where privacy is violated, and where you need to mouth racist slogans to keep your job. They are unleashing mob rule on the streets and cancel culture on social media. They dislike America and view themselves as internationalists. They detest border enforcement and citizenship. They don’t like the US Constitution. They have disdain for those who work on farms and factories, or who labor in mines and oilfields. They have tried to divide Americans and foment a race war.

Trump has been able to delay their takeover and push back in some areas. That has made them more angry and more willing to drop the mask and use naked power. The extreme Leftist, Antifa, and BLM violence over the last three months has awakened a lot of people. These are forces that want to destroy our cities and topple our government, and the Democrats won’t do a thing to stop them.

Trump will be seen as a step in the right direction, but will ultimately be viewed as too timid. Once he knew the intelligence and security apparatus was shot through with plotters, he should have completely purged it. Once he saw the media giants were censoring speech and promoting their own propaganda, he should have broken them up and enacted modern fairness doctrines. Once rioting broke out, he should have sent in troops snd restored order in a day.

If Democrat Mayors continue to defund police and cave in to rioters, they may soon spur people into forming armed people’s militias for their own protection. Though under age, Kyle Rittenhouse acting to defend a city from a mob and only shooting in self-defense may become an inspiration to a larger movement. Americans of all backgrounds will not let their neighborhoods be destroyed and their country be demolished without a fight.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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