Trump will be remembered as a President who tried to make significant changes in American domestic and foreign policy, and who was successful in several key areas. What history might see as a watershed is his reversal of American acquiescence to the rising power of China. This would be highlighted by pointing to his imposition of tariffs on Chinese imports. His attainment of better trade deals with several countries will be regarded historically as a significant reversal of prior trends. Trump’s America First foreign policy will be seen through the lens of time as successful at achieving decisive victories, reducing tensions, and reversing the previous policy of interventionism. His role brokering peace and normalization deals will surely earn a honorable mention from historians. Domestically, his successful pursuit of a larger share of support from Black, Hispanic, and working class Americans for Republicans will be seen as part of a realignment of American political parties. This realignment will continue to the degree Democrats become the party of Woke Progressives focusing on intersectionalist identity, climate change, bureaucracy, and depolicing. Trump’s handling of the virus will not look as bad historically as some see it today. Historians will view it as a global scourge that hit many countries. The attacks on Trump from Russiagate to the impeachment will be seen as partisan exercises. Historians will cite them to underscore opposition from the Media, Tech Giants, and parts of the government security apparatus to his administration and its policies. His attacks on the Media for fake news and on the Tech Giants for censorship will be seen as part of an ongoing struggle against repression by media oligopolies. He will also be portrayed as a staunch opponent of riots, political violence, and rising crime. These will be seen as spawned and tolerated by his political opponents. Ultimately history will place Trump in the context of the modern day populist movements that have arisen in many countries. These have promulgated a reassertion of national sovereignty as an antidote to the falling living standards and failed foreign wars that were the result of three decades of internationalist policies. The battle is far from over, but he will at least go down as a pivotal leader who tried to change the course of history.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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