Trumpism is a movement that reasserts national sovereignty, promotes economic opportunity, and safeguards individual freedoms. It advances an America First policy that rejects costly corrupt international organizations in favor of better transactional bilateral arrangements. It restores America military strength but uses that strength decisively while also winding down and staying out of costly foreign wars. Trumpism closes the border to illegal immigration. It imposes tariffs on goods from China and other nations as a lever to achieve better trade deals. It is focused on improving the living standards of American workers. It is a brand of populism that promotes peace abroad and prosperity at home. It stands for equal opportunity and law and order. It is aimed at achieving a movement that unites people of all races and ethnicities. That is why Trump got a larger share of the Black and Hispanic vote. Trumpism isn’t going away. It will be battling Progressive Left repression, racial division, civil disorder, and economic stagnation for years to come. Really, how many of the American people are on board with lousy trade deals, endless foreign wars, cancel culture, open borders, defunding the police, and censorship by Tech Giants?

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