Truth is I don’t really think the Democrats are as guilty as I painted them in my response. They made mistakes, tragic mistakes that have cost a lot of lives. But that is not because they were calculating monsters hoping to destroy the economy and spread panic as part of partisan plan.

Interesting your response to mine was reasonable and fair. Gone was the partisan slant trying to blame the GOP for being bloodthirsty ogres incentivizing death. It’s easy to look back and say something different should have been done. Both parties can point to decisions and action or inaction of the other that in retrospect cost lives.

The original purpose of the lockdowns was to flatten the curve and prevent the healthcare system from being overwhelmed. That goal has been achieved. Now a new goal has been substituted. It is to reduce the number of COVID-19 deaths. Now that is a laudable goal, but is it worth destroying the economy? We don’t shut down all the schools in the country for flu, even though flu kills children and COVID-19 does not. Here is a piece I wrote with some graphs ( a bit dated) that highlight the differential impact by age cohort.

The single-minded pursuit of COVID-19 death reduction by a shutdown strategy has decimated the non-COVID health system and is setting the stage for a higher death toll overall. Delayed immunizations, cancer screenings, heart examinations are putting the population at unnecessary and unwarranted risk.

The much better strategy is to focus on protecting the seniors, the immunocompromised and other vulnerable populations. The better strategy is to get the rest of the healthcare system up and running, to support companies and workers in the supply chain, to get children back in school, and to give guidance and support to help private companies reopen. Treating small business owners as the enemy is incredibly wrong-headed.

You originally said the GOP is not incentivizing death, but I think you are too sensible to really believe that.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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