Voter picture ID laws, well-kept voter registration rolls, and tight controls on absentee ballots are keys to fair elections. Without those the election devolves into a contest into who can cheat better and not get caught.

The article attacked Georgia’s election laws but left out key facts. Consider that Georgia allows any of six forms of ID and will issue a free ID to any resident who requests it.

The claim the voter ID law repressed voting lost in court because no one could produce a person who had been denied the right to vote because they had no ID. You can’t get welfare, buy liquor, or cash a social security check, without a picture ID. It’s not easy to find people who were not issued one. The kicker is that hundreds of thousands more people voted after the law was passed. Georgia had huge increases in voter turnout.

Some Democrats want more mail-in voting, less stringent Voter ID laws, and inaccurate voter registration laws so they can more easily cheat and steal elections. Both parties have been found guilty in court of voter harvesting schemes. It’s too easy, especially in states that allow a third party to request and submit absentee ballots for other voters. It’s also easy to register ten times with slight variations of the name. Large numbers of dead people also vote and so do people who moved away years ago.

Most telling is that insurgents in the Democrat Party have charged Establishment Democrats with voter fraud in absentee balloting. One example was in Bridgeport Connecticut where the challenger won on election day, but absentee ballots came in over the next few days and sent the challenger to defeat.

We also need a national citizenship registry to prevent illegal aliens from voting. Many are registered automatically under Motor Voter laws and then turn out to vote. Some states make it illegal to challenge a voter on account of citizenship.

Our whole sytem is shot through with holes that make cheating easy. We need tighter laws and better enforcement to ensure election integrity.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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