We do know at least a million ballots were mailed to dead people. Where is your evidence not of those made their way into the counting room? The system is not designed to catch those potential irregularities.

I want everyone who is legally entitled to vote to be given the opportunity. However if you make the election rules so lax and leave so many opportunities for cheating, then don’t be surprised if people don’t believe your hollow and unprovable assertions the election is fair. I have called for an effort to reform and modernize election procedures. Each ballot should come connected to a digital video picture and a digital fingerprint to ensure definite identification of the person who cast it. Videocams and phone apps are everywhere. Videocams at polling stations and drop boxes and at post offices could cover a large portion of the potential voting population. Certainly it will be much harder for the dead to be voting. The idea is to solve the problem technologically so that we are all assured the system is accessible and secure.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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