We have no moral obligation to admit as immigrants people who are refugees from a civil war. The only exceptions would be those who are in danger because they helped Americans and those fleeing religious persecution. This does not include most of the Syrian refugees. We also can’t and shouldn’t take in the refugees from civil wars in Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, and Sudan and other places around the world. It’s just too many. For half the cost, we could help ten times as many in place near their own countries rather than allowing large scale. immigration. We can later assist them in rebuilding their homes when the wars end.

The first concern of the American government has to be safety of the American people and that cannot be subordinated to a fictitious right to immigrate. Granted that most refugees are good people who wish us no harm, there are terrorists who have hidden among Syrian refugees in Europe and who do pose a major security threat here.

Large scale immigration also sets up a clash of cultures. To avoid that immigrants should all know passable English, should agree to assimilate to our culture, should be employable and stay off welfare, agree not to discriminate against women, Christians, Jews, LGBT, and accept the free press including the right to make cartoons disparaging their beliefs and to cease bigamy, wife-beating, child marriage, and FGM.

Europe allowed mass immigration of Syrian refugees and it was a failed experiment. Why would we invite such a disaster into the US?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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