What a defensive neurotic rant you wrote, mostly coming from a place of deep fear of inferiority and shame that you come from the underdeveloped world. But you don’t really want to go back to a world without electricity, modern medicine, the internet, or running water. The underdeveloped world had its color-driven caste system, its brutal sexism, its unending tribal conflicts. It had much shorter life spans, far higher infant mortality, and much lower standard of living. Non-Western empires were not paragons of enlightenment. The Mongols perpetrated more than a few mass slaughters and the Chinese built a wall to keep them out. The Spanish could not have conquered the Aztecs if the tribes subjugated in their empire were not tired of supplying human sacrifices. There’s still a tremendous material difference between the developed and underdeveloped world. It’s got far less to do with third world plunder than with the continual inventiveness, productivity improvement, and drive for rising living standards at the core of the current economic system. Many parts of the world are making tremendous strides becoming more developed. Development is not restricted to one race or religion or country.

Development is all relative. As you look over history, you see that once some group of people becomes culturally, economically, and militarily more developed, they tend to dominate others who are less developed. It’s not uniquely a Western phenomenon or a White phenomenon to go out and conquer an empire and rule over other peoples. What was unique about the West was its advancement of liberating concepts such universalism and human rights, freedom, and free enterprise. The development of respect for artistic expression, equal rights, the scientific method, and technology were integral aspects of we might call development in the West. Other cultures have adopted parts of this paradigm in fashioning their own model of development. Every ethnic group country can retain its own culture and tradition while adopting those aspects of development that are appealing. Why does that threaten you? Don’t you like social media? Don’t you like indoor plumbing?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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