What a series of lies and non- sequiturs taped together with a glue of paranoia and delusion.

Some facts. Trump did not collude with Russia. That whole narrative was the product of a disinformation campaign launched by Hillary, the DNC, and various Obama Administration security officials. It was exhaustively investigated and Mueller found insufficient evidence to indict anyone in the Trump campaign for any conspiracy with Russians to influence the election. Your whole treason charge is predicated on a completely debunked conspiracy theory. By the way when Hillary was offering Russia a reset button and Obama was whispering assurances to Medvedev, did you scream about treason then? I thought not.

You shout corruption, but don’t make any specific charges against Trump. He has donated his salary. Meanwhile don’t you think we need a Special Prosecutor to investigate the detailed charges of Biden corruption. Did he give the Chinese sweetheart deals, in return for them funneling millions to Hunter and other Bidens?

As for a coup, it requires more than pursuing legal challenges in court. Refusing to concede is well within his Constitutional prerogatives. Also, sending Federal Marshalls to protect a Federal Courthouse from violent Leftist, BLM, and Antifa psuedo-revolutionaries has nothing to do with plotting a coup. A coup involves a small group of plotters taking over government institutions in a non-constitutional procedure. Under our Constitution, the President is the Chief Executive and he can fire a Secretary of Defense for any reason or no reason at all. Those advocating defiance of Presidential authority by military leaders are the ones openly advocating a coup.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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