What Happens When A Special Prosecutor is Appointed to Investigate Biden’s Corrupt Ties to China and Obama is Indicted for Russia-gate?

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After the election the floodgates will open and we may see a slew of indictments cascading on Barak Obama and ex-officials of his Administration for spying on the opposition while a Special Prosecutor begins looking for corruption in Joe Biden’s ties to China. These twin waves will break right after the election.

It is clear the Obama Administration played fast and loose with the law in order to hamstring the campaign of Donald Trump and to sabotage the incoming administration. The idea of using the security apparatus of the country for partisan political ends should concern all fair-minded Americans. US Attorney John Durham’s investigation of the misdeeds has gone on for over a year. It has produced an indictment against an FBI lawyer for doctoring an email presented to the FISA court. The lawyer pleaded guilty. DNI Ratcliffe says thousand of documents have been provided to Durham and he expects more indictments will be coming. These would be for crimes committed in launching bogus official investigations of the Trump campaign. Top officials knew the evidence for alleged collusion with Russia was based on partisan opposition research and sub-sources who denied its validity. Other officials may have plotted to entrap Trump campaign officials. There could be a variety of charges stemming from beginning and continuing official investigations, such as the CrossFire Hurricane investigation, with no legitimate legal predicate. More specific offenses could include altering and suppressing evidence, swearing out false warrants for wiretapping and committing perjury, and other violations. There may have been some illegality in continuing operations against General Flynn when even the FBI agents thought they were being asked to get Flynn fired or to entrap him into lying. Participants of the meetings where Russia-gate was discussed include Obama, Biden, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, and Yates. Could there be dawn raids with SWAT teams? Probably not. However, there could well be indictments.

The other wave features allegations of Biden influence-peddling and payola. The FBI is investigating these allegations, albeit reluctantly. It has Hunter Biden’s laptop, the one that formed the basis of the NY Post exposes. The emails on the laptop are more than enough to support the appointment of a Special Prosecutor. Bill Barr has proceeded very carefully. He has not said anything publicly about the Biden corruption investigation the last three months. This appears to be done in order to avoid the perception that he is acting to influence the election. Once the election is over, there is nothing to prevent AG Barr from appointing a Special Prosecutor to handle the allegations that Joe Biden has corrupt business ties with the Chinese or other foreign powers.

My speculation is that a Special Prosecutor is likely to be appointed in December. It will be untenable for Joe Biden to take office and appoint an Attorney General whose first move is to fire the Special Prosecutor investigating Biden. All independents and Democrats with a shred of decency will scream at the idea that President Biden will do something more outrageous than President Trump, who, after all, proclaimed his innocence, did not fire the Special Prosecutor, and was ultimately vindicated of collusion allegations.

People have not pondered how all this will play out. Democrats have put it out of their minds and secretly hoped the Social Media Giants would suppress the stories. But after the election, there is no way to stop one or both of these waves from rolling in. It could split the country. Most Democrats will be outraged by a Special Prosecutor investigating Joe Biden. If Biden has won the election, they will see it as payback without any legitimate foundation. They will be just as furious to see Durham indict top security officials of the Obama Administration. On the other hand, Republicans will see such investigations and prosecutions as long overdue. They believe it is unjust and criminal that top officials of the Obama Administration were able to use the machinery of government to spy on and sabotage the Trump campaign by concocting the Russian collusion conspiracy theory. They demand a judicial process to punish the perpetrators.

The Mainstream Media will rail against the investigations and prosecutions. They will paint them as baseless political score-settling exercises. The pressure will mount for an incoming Biden Administration to fire the Special Prosecutor, terminate the investigation of Biden, remove Durham, and stop his indictments. If that is done, it will cause a huge political brawl. Where it all ends is not clear.

What I do see is that, after the election is over, top Democrat leaders could get hit with legal prosecutions. Some will see them as political and other will see them as righteous. This could rile up the whole country.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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