What Omar said was anti-Jewish hate speech. She says Americans aren’t supporting our alliance with Israel because it makes sense for America or because the American and Israeli people share common values. Not, it is “all about the Benjamins”. There it is : definite anti-Semitism — she’s saying Jews are using their money to manipulate others. There are hundreds of other PACs and lobbying groups. Only when it’s a pro-Israel lobbying group is her first response to say it’s all about Jews and their money. Her slur is also factually incorrect. Many groups of non-Jewish Americans support a strong alliance with Israel for reasons having nothing to do with money.

Omar is also great friends with Farrakhan who praised her comments because they were anti-Semitic.


Why can’t Omar simply disagree with American policy towards Israel or say she is in favor of BDS. No she has to question the allegiance of American Jews. Everyone in America except Native Americans has family roots from somewhere else. Many identify with the old country, but are deeply loyal Americans. Interestingly, when Judge Jeanine Pirro pulled the same trick on Omar ( Is she loyal to shariah law or to the US Constitution?), some people who thought it was ok to question Jewish loyalty suddenly became indignant. But, if what Omar said was ok, then what Jeanine Pirro asked was at least as legitimate.

Many American Jews are very concerned that the Congress could not issue a straightforward condemnation of Omar’s anti-Semitic statements. It’s got nothing to do with Israel or BDS — indeed her statements do not attempt to debate the merits — her arguments are based on insulting Jews about money and questioning their allegiance to America. Stop apologizing for her — she’s David Duke’s favorite Representative and just as anti-Semitic.


Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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