What parallel universe are you in? The America in this one has its highest level of employment ever, the lowest rate of black unemployment ever, and a laundry list of other good economic news. It’s nowhere near collapse.

Of course America has problems, but there is a world of difference between having problems and collapsing. My car needs an oil change and I need to clean out the fast food wrappers on the back seat, but that doesn’t mean it’s ready for the junkyard.

What’s collapsing is the globalist neo-liberal paradigm of governance. In country after country, people are rejecting rule by a distant elite that treats them with disdain in favor of a populist national movement.

You seem unaware America has a mixed economy. People can argue the balance is wrong: that there is too much or too little government intervention in any particular sector. You decry competition and self-interest, but then how do you explain what motivates all the innovations and improvements made by Americans? Many societies ruled by parties ostensibly committed to the common good end up as stagnant corrupt hellholes whose citizens try to escape at every chance they get. Curious isn’t it that millions are still desperate get into the country you think is collapsing.

In the universe you are in, things may be different, but, in the actual universe we live in, America is doing pretty well just now and is not about to collapse.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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