Whether Biden is more than a senile figurehead or not, he will not do much for the Left beyond some showy symbolism in a few limited areas. He will rejoin the Paris Climate accords, but will not ban fracking. He will not defund the police. Instead he will increase Federal funding of police, supposedly to increase racial sensitivity training. However most of it will go for bodycams and payoffs to urban unrest leaders under the guise of community policing. He will “follow science” and shut down the country, stop in-person schooling, and slow down vaccine distribution. Moderate House Democrats have the pivotal position. If a scant few join with Republicans, they can block any Leftist legislation. The Moderates have already made their case that it was Leftist policies that cost House seats. Representative Clyburn, the actual kingmaker, has also made it clear Black Establishment politicians are not going to support any far-Left programs. There will be a public option, but no MFA. There will be increased support for Federally subsidized student loans and some repayment stipends, but zero loan forgiveness. What are the Leftists going to do? Send out mobs to burn a few more cities?Even Hitler knew when the Brownshirts had served their purpose and it was time to liquidate them and to restore order.

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