“Why Male Economics is Dead” is a wonderful headline, but it begs the question: which economic ideas are dead? What notions in economic theory are now defunct?

Let’s take an example. If restaurants permanently shift into more take-out and delivery operations, the demand for food prep and delivery workers will rise, but the need for food servers will fall. Wages will adjust accordingly. This is the law of supply and demand at work. If you think the law of supply and demand is dead, you will be awfully surprised by how quickly it comes back to life.

Are you simply saying men and women are doing more housework and spending more time with the kids because they have been forced to stay at home instead of going to work? Or that many are appreciating anew the value of work done by child care and home cleaning workers? Ok all that is true. But that scarcely merits a declaration of the demise of the economics of any gender ( as if economics having a gender made any sense whatsoever).

Rather new economic theories propounded by male and female economists will spring up to examine the role of economic factors in the spread of the pandemic. Economists will reassess international trade and long supply chains in light of the experience of the last six months. They will analyze the economic impact of lockdowns. Economics is about to multiply sevenfold: it is far from dead.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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