Would that everyone would practice the civility you advocate and the willingness to argue fairly and with intellectual honesty. However, this ignores the actual ways that the different sides are waging the war to dominate the public sphere. First, the Progressive Left has been pushing hard to deplatform anyone to the right of them. By rioting in the streets or by adopting codes against “hate speech" or by using Twitter mobs to harass people, the Progressive Left has been actively pursuing the repression of free speech and the rejection of civil discourse. Second the Left has a set of propaganda producers whose goal is to keep generating outrage and who don’t care much if they are distorting the facts. They have propagated hoaxes like the Jossie Smollet story. They sent out misleading video snippets of the Covington kids. They have disseminated dubious allegations without a scintilla of supporting evidence, but which are too vague to be disproved. They operate with obvious double standards and practice a politics of personal vilification that leaves little place for reasoned debate. They denounce everyone who disagrees with them as racists. In such an environment where deplatforming and virulent propaganda are the tools of one side, might I suggest the other side needs to do more than engage in civil discourse.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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