Wrong on every count. Hillary was a terrible candidate who had to disown all she had stood for. She was an awful Secretary of State with clear misplays on the Russia reset, the Arab Spring, and Libya even apart from the disaster in Benghazi and her campaign of lies about it. She seemed to have little conviction, a candidate whose ideas could change if expedient. Where did she stand on TPP and NAFTA?

Meanwhile the media attacked Trump non-stop. The coverage was so biased against him. It went too far and boomeranged against the mainstream media. It lost its credibility and never regained it.

She pulled dirty tricks on Bernie to gain the nomination and the release of DNC emails certainly revealed a side of her she would prefer was kept hidden.

Did I mention she called half the country a basket of deplorables?

Her whole campaign was “I’ve got the best resume, I know all the right people, I’m a woman, I’m entitled to this job.” She came across as arrogant, phony, and condescending.

Only a truly abysmal candidate could lose to a candidate as bad as Trump.

Oh and she should have gone to Wisconsin!

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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