Yes, to give proper “credit”, the phrase you quoted with such admiration, “Israel is behind it all”, comes from Moon of Alabama.

Back to the issue: with respect to the war in Syria, in what way is Israel behind it all? The phrase implies a lot. It’s more than saying that Israel, like other US allies, was consulted before the US missile strike on Syria. It’s more than saying Israel has struck at Hezbollah and Iranian targets in Syria or has sent weapons to some anti-Assad groups. Your allegation is much more. You are saying Israel has effectively been dictating US policy towards Damascus.

That’s pretty far- fetched and directly contradicted by well- known facts.

1. The Arab Spring: the war in Syria started as a manifestation of the Arab Spring. Obama was enthusiastic and he demanded Assad step down. He arranged with Sunni Arab nations to supply weapons to support a revolt. Israeli PM Netanyahu was against it. He warned that dangerous Islamic fundamentalists would sweep aside the liberal demonstrators. He called Obama naive and lectured him about the danger of the Iranian Winter.

2. Obama- Netanyahu rift: How did Israel exert any controlling influence on US policy in Syria when relations were far from friendly and the US was deliberately trying to prove it was not going to take Israeli advice? Obama’s policy of establishing “daylight" between the two countries doesn’t make sense if Israel is behind it all.

3. Israeli- Russian relations: You can’t view the war in Syria without seeing it in the context of US -Russia relations. An unholy alliance of MSM, neo-cons, Deep State actors, Democratic party partisans, and Establishment Republicans are pushing escalation with Russia. In contrast, Netanyahu wants to maintain good relations with Russia. Israel is not “behind” the Trump missile attack on Syria and it is not on board with the anti- Russian- hysteria coming out of Washington.

You say you find the “Israel-centric argument persuasive in many of the particulars”, but you never mentioned a single one. What are these particulars? What parts of the tail got which parts of the dog to do what?

I’m not going to respond to any of your links to events 70 years ago. They are irrelevant to discussion of the war in Syria. You’ve gone off again recycling your basket of old Israel- bashing links.

It’s not disagreement with Israeli policy that makes your post anti-Jewish hate propaganda. It’s the blatant propagation of Nazi and Czarist tropes about Jews being in a secret conspiracy controlling the world. You’ve got nothing on Syria. It’s just a convenient excuse for you to reincarnate your favorite Goebbels personna.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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