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Yes, you made a mistake. Twitter is wrong. Not just wrong, but egregiously, embarrassingly, totally and completely, wrong.

First, Twitter’s action fails on fundamental logical grounds. It is a truth of basic logic that you cannot “fact check” a conditional statement about the future. To check on the accuracy of conjectures about the future, you would need a time machine.

Trump’s prediction that a vast increase in mail-ins will lead to a massive amount of voter fraud is something you might disagree with, but you cannot fact-check it.

Second, there are in fact numerous instances of well-documented electoral fraud committed with mail-in ballots.

In one egregious example from North Carolina it was a Republican who committed fraud with mail-ins.

So you cannot even refute the predicate of Trump’s forecast by saying it has no precedent. It does. You could disagree about the extent of past fraud, but the fact is: mail-in ballot fraud has occurred. You get a 5 Pinocchio rating for your assertion that there is no mail-ballot fraud. Further one can look to the future and make predictions of things that never occurred in the past. Forecasts of unprecedented things are not automatically wrong.

Instead of making bald assertions or rhetorical presumptions, you need to muster some facts and logical arguments. As for Twitter, does anyone with a college education really doubt that Twitter never took a course in logic and is run by real idiots who flubbed it first time out by issuing a bogus fact-check warning?

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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