You admit what Mainstream Media is trying so hard to cover up: Far Left pseudo revolutionaries are deliberately fomenting looting, arson, violence, chaos, and attacks on police. They don’t care a bit about George Floyd. They don’t want to find ways to improve policing. No, as you describe it, they want a steady stream of police abuse, because this helps recruit people to their Hybrid strategy of revolt. They put out a stream of race-baiting propaganda. They ignore all the progress made by the United States in moving toward the American ideal of a society in which equal rights are enjoyed by all and in which individuals are treated fairly. The violation of American principles and human rights is part of what shocks and angers most people viewing the video of the killing of George Floyd. But the Left Progressives want to blame all Whites anywhere in the country.

Thus you can whitewash as noble the unholy alliance of self-anointed White, upper-class, pretend revolutionaries with a roving set of opportunistic thugs stealing cases of whiskey and throwing bricks through store windows. You don’t seem aware the destruction of local stores makes the lives of actual working class people much worse.

Your WEN theory is off the mark on a key point. Trump is not a White Ethno- Nationalist: he is a Populist and a Nationalist. He has framed his philosophy as one of advancing the interests of all Americans of whatever race. The Progressive elites have favored illegal immigrants and bad trade deals. Their governance has kept wages low and has left many urban centers impoverished and with decaying infrastructure. They hire ever more Diversity commissars, but are unable to repair potholes or educate kids. Trump reversed their failed policies. His approach had reduced Black unemployment to the lowest rate ever. He was making great strides. He was meeting with many Black leaders and he got criminal justice reform passed. Polls showed he was gaining more and more Black support. He’ll get at least 5% more of the Black electorate than he got in 2016.

What you don’t get is that Black people don’t like having their neighborhoods destroyed to satisfy some white rich kid’s wet dream of a revolution.

Mathematician, Statistician, Businessman, and Academic. Student of history, poli sci , and the Bible.

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